About Us

Our background and purpose

The Let’s End Loneliness website was developed by the New Zealand Coalition to End Loneliness. The Coalition was set up in 2018 by seven founding organisations who all work in different ways to bring people together, and to reach and support people who are feeling lonely and isolated. We formed the Coalition because we know that solving a social problem like loneliness cannot be done by one organisation alone. We are committed to working together to tackle loneliness and create communities in which New Zealanders have the relationships they need to thrive. 

Our aims

The Coalition aims to:

  • Grow understanding of loneliness and make it easier to talk about.
  • Provide clear information about what we can all do to tackle loneliness.
  • Advocate together to prompt action on loneliness at government level.

Read our Strategic Plan for 2021-22 here.

This Lets End Loneliness website is part of this plan. We encourage you to explore the site to learn about:

Our members

The Coalition is growing all the time and is made up of our seven founding members plus other community and health provider organisations and researchers who are keen to be part of our mahi. These supporters are engaging with the Coalition in different ways: taking part in our stakeholder consultations; promoting the ‘Let’s End Loneliness’ website; developing resources or initiatives to create social connection; joining our working groups.

Our founding members

    Organisations that have joined the New Zealand Coalition to End Loneliness:

     Research supporters:

    Together we can end loneliness one person, one community, one workplace at a time.  

    Join with us

    As we work towards ending loneliness one person, one community, one workplace at a time.

    Our Coalition

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